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We love Halloween here at Kids Corner. The things that go bump in the night are the perfect subject matter for young readers and we’ve loved working on a huge variety of Halloween titles over the years. From activity books to teen fiction, our round-up of Halloween titles includes some fantastic artwork, we hope you enjoy taking a look.

Wereworld by Curtis Jobling features a fantastic Werewolf illustrated by Andrew Farley, Tim Wesson worked with Nikalas Catlow to create a Spooky title in the Seriously Silly range. The Dragonsitter: Trick or Treat  written by Josh Lacey features a fabulous cover and inside illustrations by Garry Parsons. There’s a wonderful mix of chickens and zombies in Chicken Mission: The Curse of Fogsham Farm written by Jennifer Grey and illustrated by Hannah George and if you’ve ever wondered about the history of Halloween The Tricks and Treats of Halloween illustrated by Rich Wake and written by Angela Murphy is a fantastic read.

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